The Money Post —
Wanna join?


So here's the deal ::

I'm working on an email/blog post to share with my audience on all things making money as a business owner. I feel like finances + money stuff is something we don't talk about enough (sometimes for good reason), but it's something I'm pretty sure my audience would be really keen to dive into — because I've had a few requests for it. SO I'm reaching out to friends (that's you!) to see if you'd be keen to contribute to this post. 

Below you'll find a form asking a couple questions around how you make money in your biz, and also how your mindset towards the coin is. If you're keen to contribute, I'd bloody love to have you! And if you'd rather not, that's all good too. 

A couple of quick side notes ::

  • I'm not asking for actual dollar numbers here, just percentages. I think dollar amounts are (for the most part) irrelevant in posts like this which is why I won't be including any. 
  • You can choose to be credited or left anonymous. 

Questions? Hit reply on my email I sent and let me know. 

ps. I know 'The Money Post' is a shit name and it won't be the name of the actual post... Lol. But for now its all I got. 


e.g. 40% 1-1 Client work, 30% digital products, 20% affiliate income, 10% other
Is your income consistent month to month or does it change a lot? *
e.g. Something you wish you knew 10 years ago, a book/resource that helped you a lot, etc.
Do you want to be credited or left anonymous? *
If you want to be credited, add your name below
If you want to be credited, add your name below