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The Unmistakable Sessions

Ready to gain some clarity, up your confidence, and get hella focused? I got you. 
ps. This first launch is limited to 5 spots! 



Are done being overwhelmed, and wanna be FIRED UP about the shit you're making, and where you're going.

Have been existing on auto-pilot a little too much and wanna bring some more clarity and focus to the work you're doing.

Have a rough idea what your mission and purpose is, but need some help nailing it down and creating an action plan based around that. 

Are in need of some 1-1 jamming (not more info products, or conceptual ideas), some straight-up accountability, and someone to bounce ideas off.



Sound like you?

I got you. and i feel you...



Which is why I created The Unmistakable Sessions.

Together, we'll jam 1-1 on all of the above and help figure out a solid plan to refine your message and ditch the confusion and second-guessing. 


These sessions focus on 3 main things ::

Clarity, Confidence, and Focus



you should know, these sessions are not info or content based.

While there's some written pieces I'll give you in the workbook, the sessions are solely based on 1-1 jamming. We'll chat via Skype, you can email-bomb me, and I'll create a special custom PDF workbook for you. 

I know that info-products aren't for everyone right now, and sometimes you just need to fucking chat to someone and get an external perspective on what you're doing — to help you clarify shit and move forward with purpose and soul. 



By the end of our jamming together...

the aim of the game is for you to feel like you've breathed new life into your business and the path you're on. Together we'll work on an actionable plan and steps you can make on the regular to up your confidence, and take steps towards where you actually want to be. You bring your A-Game, I'll bring mine, and we'll figure shit out. 



Here's the specifics of what's included ::

  • A 30 minute Skype Intro Session where we talk about where you're at, where you wanna be, and what you need a hand with
  • A totes custom PDF workbook from me — made JUST FOR YOU — which includes follow up notes from our call, carefully curated resources and suggested action steps
  • Weekly Check-In's + Email Office Hours, where I'm available twice a week (for 1 hour each), for 4 weeks — where you can hit me with questions, ask for feedback, and jam on ideas
  • A 30 minute Skype Outro Session where we...
  • A special Unmistakable Session notebook sent to ya in the mail (Includes worldwide shipping)


a couple quickies you also need to know ::

  • All of the Sessions will start NEXT WEEK, February 12th, and run for 4 weeks. We ain't messin around fam. So make sure you have some space in your calendar early next week for our first Skype sesh.
  • For you to get the most out of these Sessions – you gotta show up and do the work... I'll be helping you, but please make sure you have the physical and mental space to show up. If you have other big commitments this month, that's cool – hopefully there will be future Unmistakable Sessions!


So, you in?

there's only 5 spots.


Questions? I got some answers...

Who is this NOT for? 
If you're only interested in growing your Instagram following or making more money — this probably isn't for you. Those aren't bad things to want, but I believe that getting clear on your mission and focusing on what you actually do is the number one, THEN other shit like growing your Instagram and making more money follow on from that, in a way that's more organic. This is also not for you if you're not willing to invest time and energy into being the best version of yourself.

What happens after I buy?
You'll get an email from me which will include a couple things — an intro Survey (so I can get to know you a little more before we chat), and a link to book a time for our Intro Skype Session!

What if I miss out? 
Hopefully there will be more Unmistakable Sessions in the future!