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The process of taking Inspiration into your creative work without totally ripping it off, and while bringing your OWN vibe into it can be a bit of a mish sometimes, especially if you're new to the game. 

This mini-workshop is here to help ya! 

We'll break it down into three sections ::


Probs the number one thing people wanna know... Where the hell do you find inspo? 



We'll break down what makes a dope AND useful inspoboard, and we'll look at the different ways you can create on that works for you, integrating inspo you've found from the web + real life, and how to integrate that with your own personal style. (If you have no idea WTF your personal style is, I've got some pointers to help you out too!)



So you've got your sweet-ass inspoboard... Now how the hell do you actually USE that in your work? It's easier than you'd think. We'll take a look at my 




👉 The Pre-Sale is up for 48 hours ONLY! It starts 9am July 16th PST, and ends 9am July 18th PST.

👉 The workshop launches July 24th. You'll get an email with access to the whole course, so you can get stuck in right away.

👉 The Pre-Sale is $35 CAD. (The full price will be $50 CAD).

Approx $27 USD / $35 AUD / $39 NZD / £20



Is this only for creatives or Graphic Designers?

NOPE! This mini workshop is created for ANYONE who wants to understand the creative process a little more, and how to integrate more of your own style in with other visual inspo you pull from Pinterest or Instagram or even magazines. The course is also not a technical course, so you don't need any special programs to take it. 


What will this actually help me do? 

Although the specific examples I show you in the workshop are related to Graphic Design (cuz that's what I do), the overall principals and process can be applied to anything from a design project to your home decor to your Instagram feed.

The workshop takes you through the process of finding inspo, pulling it together with your own style, and then using that inspo in your creations in a way that’s aligned with YOU and your project. Once you learn the basics of it, this shit can be used anywhere. Dope, right? 


How long will it take me to complete the workshop? 

The workshop is split into 3 main sections, and honestly you could smash through the whole thing in a day if you wanted. Even if you only had 30 minutes a day, you'd easily get through it in 5-7 days. This mini workshop is designed specifically to be easy to access and quick to work through. 


How technical is the course? Do I need InDesign or Photoshop or some other program? 

This is NOT a technical workshop so you don’t need any specific experience, or special programs. There are sections where I show you my workflow within Adobe InDesign or Photoshop but this can be done in a way that’s easy for you — whether that’s using a pen and paper, Photoshop, Canva, or any other program or app you’re comfortable with. The majority of the course is theory based anyway. 


How is the workshop delivered? 

The Workshop is available via a password protected website page. It has 3 sections, and each one has a video and downloadable workbook. EASY PEASY SON.