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As of October 2018, The Unmistakable Effect won’t be launching any new issues


October 16, 2018

Today I got some news I wanna share that's probably been stewing in the back of my mind for longer than I'd like to acknowledge. In the last few weeks my direction in my biz has been becoming a lil clearer, so it's bittersweet to let ya know I'm calling it a day on The Unmistakable Effect.

I could explain more about my decision here and explain why and how I got to this point, but I don't believe that we should need to justify or over-explain our decisions when it comes to changing direction in our business (unless there's other people or parties involved which I know changes the sitch), but I wanted to share this lil' snippet of what I wrote in ma notebook the other week when I was trying to figure out WTF to do with future biz stuff.

This was very much stream-of-consciousness writing, so it prob doesn't make total sense, and I didn't really wanna edit it ('scuse the typos). 😉

Over the last few months its hit me that Design is what I fucking love and its what I’ve always loved. The magazine did its thing, and now its time for some fresh energy. The reasons I started the magazine haven’t changed (i.e. having a project to design a print product however I wanted, and having a reason to connect with cool people doing dope work), and I kept telling myself that since those reasons stood true, I should want to keep doing it… But it doesn’t feel fully aligned anymore, and we just gotta trust that shit. If we wanna be conscious, hearty entrepreneurs we gotta trust our gut even when we can’t see the full path.

I think what's kept me in limbo on the decision was the emails and messages I get on the reg from people who've found themselves reading the mag, and found something in it that resonated with them. It's hard to call it a day on something people you tell you they love or found meaning in. It doesn't mean I love it any less, or that its any less valuable though, I guess. As I write this it kinda hit me that the content doesn't have to go anywhere. The site and the issues can stay up. The people who brought it, whether print or digital, can still dive back into it.

This magazine has reached SO many more people than I could have thought, and I’m so damn grateful it gave me the chance to connect with a shit load of incredible creatives and people getting after their own life, from all around the world. I still remember when the idea hit me over 2 years ago. It was when I was very fucking tuned in with my intuition and it was 100% what I was meant to create at that time. It served me and everyone that contributed + read it for 2+ years but now it’s not the ‘thing’ anymore. You gotta let go of the old thing to make space for the new. This (design, layout design, creative shit) is what I do but The Unmistakable Effect isn’t the ‘how’ anymore.

I have a rough idea what my next thing is, and it's slowly coming together in my mind and I'm getting pretty stoked on how it could look. And I know that making a call on the magazine is part of the process to make new shit. (i.e. Not leaving things hanging in limbo). This defo is not the last magazine or printed project I’ll work on (cuz layout design is my forever bae), so I’m stoked to see what’s next. Start moving + trust.

So yas! That's where I'm at fam. I wanna say such a fucking massive THANK YOU if you got your hands on a copy of the magazine, or if you contributed in any way. When I look back at all of the issues and the people that have been in them, it's kinda mind blowing. 15 issues. Close to 100 contributors. One of the two main reasons I started the mag was to connect with cool people doing cool shit and just share their work with more people, and I reckon that was well and truly achieved.

There's new ideas and things I wanna do that are starting to brew in my mind and if you wanna do things well, you either gotta choose whether you're half-assing a bunch of shit, or if you're gonna whole-ass one (or two) things. Imma go with the latter.

BUT! The Unmistakable Effect website will stay up for a while and I don't plan on taking the issues down anytime soon, so you can still get yer hands on any print or digital issue. I've also lowered the price of the digital issues to $9 USD each.


Thanks again fam + onto new shit. 😘

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Stay cool,