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Your Own Game


This was the first Print issue of The Unmistakable Effect. 


For over a year The Unmistakable Effect was a digital-only magazine, and this issue brings the first PRINT edition!

For me this is one of those projects you just do because you wish it existed, and to still be as stoked on The Unmistakable Effect today as the day I started it is pretty rad to me. And to have so many people jump on board to write for the mag, or to be interviewed or featured in some way, and to have them say ‘FUCK YES’ when they understand the vision... That makes it 10x even more awesome — to be able to share this with people who just GET IT.

The mish of the mag isn’t to try to ‘inspire’ you or tell you how to live your life — it’s here to tell you some stories, throw down some truths, get you curious to question what you think you know, and ultimately to get you stoked on doing your thing and winning at your own damn game.

This issue is called 'Your Own Game' (based on the whole vision of the mag — to get you stoked on winning at your own game). It includes interviews with some really, really fucking awesome people that I've had on my 'dream feature' list since day one of creating The Unmistakable Effect, and I think you're really gonna dig 'em too. 

I quizzed them on how they got to where they are now, what bullshit they wanted to thrown down on in their industries, how they go about setting goals and getting after what they want, and SO much more.  


Here's what's inside ::

Interviews with Erin Sullivan (you might know her as ErinOutdoors on the social medias), Rachel Ricketts (founder of loss&found), Jess Quinn (she's been showing cancer who's boss since 2001), Lola Wright (a super talented kiwi AF photographer), Alexandra Olsen (of Violet Gray), and Tritoan Ly (of Seventh Day Tattoo Studio)

Along with the main features, you'll find the usual goodness like Words to the Motherfucking Wise w Steph Jagger (if you feel the need to get the hell out of your current sitch and you feel like you're staying in the game to try and develop some 'grit', you're gonna want to read this letter), and a couple stories from submitted readers about how they ditched the path they had planned to create a new one. 

All in all? It's a fucking good time. 



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how is the print quality with blurb?

The quality of the magazine is bloody good. It's one of the reasons I decided to go with Blurb, and I can assure you ya won't be disappointed. If you're a paper nerd here's the stats :: The cover is printed on 216gsm Semi Gloss stock, with the inside pages being printed on 118gsm matte paper. 

Do I get a free digital copy with my print issue?

Yes! If you forward the receipt for your print issue to hey@theunmistakableeffect.co, I'll send over a free digital version for ya so you can get amongst it while you wait for your print version to rock up in your mailbox.


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