Issue 10

Your Zone of Genius

We’ve all got shit we just feel pure joy doing, and I reckon we gotta make more of an effort to get after those moments.

Whether we consider ourselves ‘geniuses’ in those areas isn’t even the point at all, really... I think we just have to take more time to say HELL YES to the stuff that lights us up, and say a polite NO to the stuff that has us sitting on the fence. It takes courage, and a lot of the time courage might not be convenient or the easiest thing to do — but in the long run if you trust your gut you’ll always be taken where you need to go. And that's what this issue is all about fam! 




  • Meet Your Genius: Playful + Profound Prompts to Help You Get Real With Yourself — by Emily Hassett

  • 3 Tips for Navigating Your Zone of Genius — by Vicky Ayala

  • Create Your Genius — by Emily May

  • Share Your Story — ft. Jen Hansard

  • Words to The Motherfuckin’ Wise — With Steph Jagger


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