Issue 04

Make The Damn Space

It's almost like a subconscious thing we do...

We accumulate all of this physical and mental 'shit', and we don't take enough time to really clear it out. So that's what this issue is all about. Making room for what you want. We've got some solid contribs and articles on 'making the damn space' ranging from a more spiritual/personal side of things, to some more biz + creative stuff too.

This issue also comes with a 21-Day Challenge Playbook with all kinds of fun prompts to help you actually take some damn action. 

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  • Dishwashers and Space | The Best Time to Create is Right Now — By Paul Jarvis

  • Letting Go of a Busy Life to Make Space For a Full One — By Katie Lee

  • How to Stop Standing In Your Own Way — By Shannon Leigh [of The Goddess Rebellion]

  • We Need to Talk About Loss | Why We Need to Face Our Shit In Order to Get Rid of It — By Rachel Ricketts

  • How to Deal When You're Changing Direction in Your Business (But You've Already Committed) — By Sian Richardson

  • Words to The Motherfucking Wise — By Steph Jagger


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