Issue 01

No Apologies

We're all about doing things on your own terms, and how to really BRING IT and live your life for yourself.

Issue 01 of The Unmistakable Effect sets the vibe for the whole thing, and for future issues... So what better theme to kick off with than 'No Apologies?'. To live the 'no aplogies' life, you celebrate your contradictions, and ditch the labels. You can love thrifting just as much as you love your mad collection of high end sunglasses. You can drive a Porsche and still give a fuck about the environment. You can choose to give yourself all of these labels and try to fit into all of the boxes… Or you can accept the fact thats bullshit and just be who you are. 

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  • The No Apologies Rules to Life

  • Creating clear, healthy and firm boundaries — by Cassie Mendoza-Jones

  • What’s Your Deal? — feat. submissions from people out there living life on their own terms

  • No Shame, No Excuses, Only Richness — by Madison Hedlund

  • The Daily Practice — by Amanda Sandlin

  • Wake Up — by Megan Gogoll

  • The Playbook


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