Q. How do I read the digital issues? Do I need an iPad or something?  

Nope, you don't need an iPad! The magazine is delivered straight to your Inbox as a single PDF, so you can easily view it on whatever device works for you. You can read it on your Desktop, or transfer it to iBooks (my personal fave) to read on your iPhone or iPad, or easily send it to any other mobile device.


Q. Is this just going to be a book of quotes or cheap inspiration?

Nope, def not. This was something I wanted to be very conscious of, as I think preaching inspiration is cheap and easy. While there are quotes + words of wisdom throughout each issue, they are not the main feature. There's articles, submissions, and lots of other stuff to actually help you show up and DO THE WORK.


Q. Is this just going to be a book of ads?

Hell no. The very last thing I want for The Unmistakable Effect is for it to turn into just a big-ass book of ads. Any advertising featured in the issues will be super aligned with the overall mission of TUE, and the end goal will always be to help or add value to your life in some way.


Q. How are the digital issues delivered?  

The digital issues are delivered as a single, slick-as-fuck PDF.


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