What It Takes — Day 8 :: We're gettin' somewhere!

What It Takes | Behind the scenes of an indie print magazine | http://theunmistakableeffect.co/

So although I was planning on doing some magazine work over the weekend I realised I actually needed a couple days TOTALLY off work, as I've been doing a bunch of shit lately. I took some time to chill, hang out with friends, and also plan for Quarter TWO. I don't even know how the fuck it's April right now but it's a thing. I usually try to plan my business (and life) quarterly, cause any more than that is too overwhelming, and any less than that feels like pointless or not enough time — for me personally.

So I'm still working on that quarterly plan today as I have more things I want to map out, but I'm feeling pretty good about where I'm at, and I'm super clear about where I want my business to go. 🤘


So... Back to all things The Unmistakable Effect.

We're getting somewhere

Last week I hit up a BUNCH of people to contribute or be interviewed for the magazine, and over the last few days I've heard back from most of em! Which is super dope, considering I'm on a very tight timeline and I know people got their own lives and shit going on, so to feel the stoke and to know people are totally in on The Unmistakable Effect is pretty cool. So far this issue is shaping up to be pretty awesome, with an awesome range of people to share with ya!

Right now I have x7 articles/written pieces, x2 photo/art series, and x2 interviews locked in. 🤗👌I'd like to get at least one or two more interviews in there, and also some smaller written pieces which I'll be sending out a call for submissions to share later this week.

This week I'm also keen to get as stuck into the design as I can. I have one or two final pieces I can start working with, and also a photo series that's ready to go. I'll be sure to grab snaps and maybe some screengrab video's as I go! I'm also keen to order a printed proof as soon as I can, even if it's nowhere near finished, as I wanna check the print quality and also sizing and all o that other shit. In the past I've usually ended up getting at least a couple proofs and I'll probably do the same thing this time.

As I mentioned last week, I think this commitment to creating the magazine and sharing the whole process is legit helping me do the work, and also just getting rad feedback on the mag itself and the vibe helps out a lot too, cuz we all have those days where we wonder WTF we're doing.