What It Takes — Day 7 :: Slow days are a thing too.


Not gonna lie, today has been pretty slow and I haven't done a huge amount of work on The Unmistakable Effect, but I got a couple things to share with you! It's officially Spring here in Vancouver at the mo, but today is cold and cloudy and rainy AF today, and while I don't think I legit have any kind of seasonal affective disorder, I'd be lying if I said the weather didn't get to me sometimes... Today is one o' those days where it's hard to get motivated to do anything other than hang on the couch or in yer bed. Ironic after yesterdays email about being in get-shit-done mode? Sure thing. 🤦‍♀️

I finally left my apartment and went to Starbucks for a couple hours so here's what I was doin' ::


Today I been organising shit a lil better

Keeping track of contributors ::

For all previous issues of The Unmistakable Effect I had used this Excel sheet in Google Docs where I outline the contributors to each issue, and when I've emailed them and got their final content and all o' that, so I could easily keep track of everything. So far for this issue I only had that in my notebook, so today I put it all in the Google Doc to make it 10x easier to see whats up.

Here's a quick snap of what it looks like! It's kinda boring and basic but it gets the job done. It's basically just a to-do list in Excel form.


Setting up the Google Doc template for article contributions ::

Same as the Excel above, I've had this basic template Doc since Day 1 of the magazine and it's always worked pretty well. It's just a basic Google Word Doc that I send to anyone who's writing a written piece for the magazine. In there has any info about the word count, due dates, all of that shit. And this is where they also add their final piece once it's done! I have a folder in my Google Docs for each issue, and every contributor has their own Google Doc like this so I can easily jump in and grab the pieces. ✌️

Check out the actual Google Doc here.

11 3.46.25 PM.jpg


My priorities for the next few days are keep track of who's contributing or being interviewed, and also writing up the interviews and getting the content nailed down... Then once I have a decent handle on the content thats planned out I'mma start DESIGNING! The only thing I've really done so far is the cover and the overall inspo, so I'm keen to jump into that. 🤘

Also, would you be keen if I launched a pre-sale on this issue especially for you? I'm scheming some ideas for how I could do it!

Until tomorrow (even though its Easter weekend, I'll most likely be doing some magazine things so I'll let you know how I go!)... 💁