What It Takes — Day 6 :: Get-shit-done mode — engage.

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One week into this 'sharing all of the things' deal, and I gotta say — I feel like I'm getting somewhere. There's such a mindset shift when you do something like this, whether its planned or whether you're just wingin' it — when you really commit to doing something on the reg for a certain amount of time. You ever done any 30-day challenge or anything similar before? How did you find it?

I know this process will have different phases, but right now — with the magazine and also other parts of my business, I'm in 'get shit done' mode, and I feel as though the momentum from The Unmistakable Effect has something to do with that. Gimme 3-4 hours of focused work each day and I'm done. I'm also someone who quite often finds clarity through movement, so its through working and making moves that things become clear to me, as opposed to just sitting still and 'thinking' about shit all the time. Ya know?

I'm also trying to be conscious of how I spend my time, as being in this zone I don't want to spend all day every day sitting at my laptop aimlessly trying to figure out what to do next (which I've been doing way too much lately, before I started this 30 day series) — for the most part I gotta have a plan going into each day, and that way I'll do the work I need to do, and also have time to get outside or to move or to do other life shit. 🤘



So, here's what I been doing today!

Emailing people to contribute + interview

As I mentioned yesterday, today is when I wanted to send out all of the emails to contributors and people to interview, so that's what I did!

My rules for these emails are pretty simple ::

  • Keep them as short and sweet as possible. I ain't here to fuck around (or waste peoples time).
  • Give them a short pitch about the magazine in the email, and follow it up with the PDF doc where they can see more and get a much more visual feel for the magazine.
  • Give a rough explanation of the next steps/how it would go down — so they know what to expect. For interviews I say they take place via a Google Doc (this is how I'm doing it right now, scheduling Skype calls can be a bitch and so far the Google Doc interview has worked rad), and for contributors I tell them deadlines for outlines and final submissions, and anything else basic they need to know.
  • Hit 'em with a no-bullshit subject line, so at least there's more chance of them opening it. Right now I'm using 'Badassery in print — wanna join?'
  • Add at least one line specific to them or their work, and ALWAYS add their name at the top. Because I ain't a rookie and I don't want this to look like a boring AF blanket template email... And seriously, who likes getting emails where people can't even use your name?

I have a basic template that I use, and so far this template has served me pretty well and I've had replies that its the most interesting pitch people have in their Inbox, which is dope considering I have minimal experience with this stuff, haha. What I think is the key? Be yourself. Make it interesting. Don't waste people's time.

Check it :: 


So I’m hitting you up to see if you’re keen to be featured in a magazine I run — called The Unmistakable Effect. Basically, the number one goal of the magazine is to get people stoked on winning at their own game, and I would love to interview for it, for the first official quarterly print issue.

The magazine was digital-only for a while, and now I'm going full-print! The magazine already has a pretty solid audience of people from around the world who are committed to doing their own thing and carving their own path, and I'd love to chat to you some more about your journey, and share it with 'em.

I’ve also attached a d-low PDF here for you with a little more info about the mag.

So yeah, if you could be keen let me know and I can send through the interview + more info via Google Docs (keeping it super easy for now — no need to schedule a call or anything)! Any q's hit me back.

Keep doin' your thing,


Something else I wanna share...

You might have heard of a magazine called Collective Hub, which is based in Australia, and this week they announced that the current issue will be their last one.

A little back story — I remember somehow finding Collective Hub when their very first issue launched a few years back, and I can genuinely say it was one of the first magazines to really fucking resonate with me. Their whole vibe was about shining the spotlight on people doing things differently and creating their own business and carving their own path, and it really did inspire me in so many ways, and also help re-ignite my love for print magazines and print design. Over the years some of my clients have been featured in the mag which was so cool to see, their design has always been a 10/10, and I've always brought it whenever I saw it on the newsstand in shops... So to see they were calling it a day on the print mag was definitely a huge surprise to me. From the outside it was hugely successful, and they even said they're now selling the most print magazines they've ever sold.

Lisa Messenger, the founder of the magazine did a video over here where she talked more about the WHY behind this change, and honestly I got a lot of respect for what she's done, and the fact that she decided not to keep going with the print mag. And it was also interesting to hear a little more about the catalysts in ending the magazine, which are things I can definitely relate to and things I want to be conscious of whilst building the Unmistakable Effect (things like building something so fast that you lose the spark, and also making enough bank to keep it sustainable). So yeah, I just wanted to share that and if you haven't heard of the magazine I'd totally recommend checking out any of the back issues, and also the video where Lisa talks more about wrapping it up. ✌️

See ya tomo!