What It Takes — Day 5 :: What I send to contributors + people I wanna interview

What It Takes | Behind the scenes of an indie print magazine | http://theunmistakableeffect.co/

Here's what I worked on today ::

Updating the PDF that I send out to contributors and featured peeps. 
When I first started the magazine I created this simple little PDF that explains what the mag is, who the audience is, and the deal with contributing to send out to people either when I pitch to them to do an interview in the mag, or if they've contacted me about contributing and I'd like to talk to them further about it. Sooo... I already had most of this PDF done up but I had to update some of the design and a few smaller things. I don't just want to send a boring AF email telling people about it — and its important to me that people get the whole fucking VIBE of this thing, and the best way I know how to do that is through design, soooo... Throwing a slick PDF at 'em is what I do for now.

One thing I've just thought about is possibly adding some stats (like sales, open rates on emails, shit like that) to this document, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to go there... 🤔

Check below for a quick look, and click here to download it.


What It Takes | Behind the scenes of an indie print magazine | http://theunmistakableeffect.co/

Going through my emails from people who want to contribute, and nailing down the list of people I want to reach out to for interviews.
I have a Contribute page set up on the website, so whenever people submit through there the email comes to ma Inbox. For some reason in my head I thought I had a lot less possible contributors than I actually do, so when I sat down and went through all of the emails in my Inbox from people who said they'd love to get in on this issue, I had a pretty solid little list. I also noted down exactly what they wanted to talk about and wrote that next to their name, to make sure I didn't double up on stories — but I still had a good range of experiences and perspectives.

Mapped out an email I want to send to my main email fam. 
Although today was the day I wanted to make my final call for contributors, I want to leave it a couple days because I just sent an email to my list yesterday and my general rule is to not send emails on consecutive days, unless I'm launching something or doing some daily shit like this series. This call out email will be different to the main one where I ask for bigger articles or contributors, as I'll only be asking ONE question — which I've yet to finalise, haha. I was going to set up a Typeform survey for this but I don't think its worth it, and I think to make it easier for people I'm just going to ask them to reply directly to the email.

I love having a good range of content so along with the bigger interviews and articles I want some smaller pieces throughout, which is the goal for sending out this one question.

So now that I've got my head around all of this, tomorrow I'll actually email everyone who's contacted me about contributing — with the PDF info doc and more details on deadlines etc, and I'll also reach out to people I want to interview! I'mma be cutting it close with the timing and deadlines but I'll figure it out, haha.

Beyond contacting people, I think my next step is to really figure out the whole structure of the magazine and what sections I need or want and how I want it to flow. Previous issues had their smaller sections, but I want to take more time mapping that out this time and give it a bit more structure... 🤔

Catchya tomo!