What It Takes — Day 36 :: If it ain't a fuck yes... It's a no.


You've prob heard this before, and hey I've prob used it in an email before too, but I was reminded of it the other day when I was talking to a friend about WTF to do with the printing of the magazine. She's seen both copies so I feel like she would have more perspective than anyone, and she was like well, you already know you can't roll with the lower quality one, right... Then she throws that one-liner at me and I'm like YEP. You nailed it.

After thinking it over some more I came to realise that it IS super important to me that the magazine is dope quality, because I really do see them being more like coffee table books than just throw away magazines. Pair that with the fact that I've been going balls-out on the design for this one and who wants to see their designs they've spent HOURS and hours on printed on less-than-dope paper? Not me...

I get that life ain't always black and white buuuuut there's times when this little string of words hits it on the head, and yesterday was it. If you're not all-in it's a no. Make the call then focus on a new way of doing it. 

So we took a lil step back but right now I'm working on some other options. Initially I thought Blurb was my only other option, but there's one or two printers such as Peecho I haven't tried yet so I'm getting a proof from at least one of them, and I'll go from there. This means it might take a little longer to get out, but at this point after all the time I've put into it there's no point half-assing it just to get it out to you.

Soooo... Back soon with more updates!