What It Takes — Day 34 :: I got a tough call to make...

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I realised the other day after sending my last update email that even though this new issue is a smaller size than the previous print issue of the magazine, they were printed using the exact same printer (Ingram Spark), using the same paper AND print settings, but the quality between them was completely different. For some reason I just assumed they were the same quality but when I held them side by side it was super fucking obvious that this new proof quality was quite a bit lower.

I emailed my printer to ask what the deal was and if it was my mistake (or theirs), and I asked why the quality was completely different although the print settings were the same. Turns out they're switching to a new printer for their premium books (which is what mine are), and they're also using new paper stock... So that new proof was the new printer. Not ideal.

In all honesty I'm still kinda pissed about this. I emailed back and expressed my thoughts and disappointment and I'm still waiting to hear back from 'em. I genuinely can't imagine that their other customers would be too happy about this either. They're a MASSIVE printing and distribution company and I genuinely don't think I'll be the only person that complains.

At first I thought it wasn't a big deal but looking at the two magazines side by side the quality difference is HUGE. So while I wait for them to get back to me I'm trying to figure out my options... At this stage I can only think that I either stick with this printer and work around the printing with my designs by doing things like not using full page black backgrounds, editing images, etc (still not ideal); go back to using Blurb (also not ideal at all — mostly because their printing AND shipping prices are fucking ridiculous — for both me and the end customer); orrrr take more time and see what my other options are?

The last one hurts to think about because I've already taken so much time on this and I just wanna get it out into the world.

Genuinely not sure what to do so I'm just gonna think it over for a day or two, see if the printer gets back to me (even though I highly doubt there's anything they can do), and go from there. I'm so fucking torn between my options fam... 🙅

Penny for ya thoughts though... Would you rather pay more for a higher quality magazine, or have slightly lower quality for a lower price (and lower shipping)?