What It Takes — Day 3 :: Maybe it's not always 'all or nothing'?

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So although this series is a behind the scenes of The Unmistakable Effect, I thought it's worth mentioning that while I am devoting a lot of time to it over the next month or so, I also have other work stuff I'm doing — like client work and also looking out for new brands or people to work with, on the 'other side' of my business. 

For a while there I was putting a LOT of pressure on the magazine to make money and thinking about how I could monteise it any way possible, and in a way that pressure was draining the creativity and killing the vibe on it for me, and I only realised recently that's not what I want it to be about... So it got me thinking, shit doesn't always have to be all or nothing. There are def times to go big or go home, but there's something to be said for slowly evolving something naturally over time and seeing where it takes you, right? 


I have to keep reminding myself that my business can look however I want it to look, and I just gotta do whatever works for ME. Part of that has been realising lately that I just don't think I'd be a sane person if I put ERRYTHING into The Unmistakable Effect. I genuinely work better and feel less stressed when I have at least a couple different things going on in my business... i.e. Client work where I get to jam 1-1 with awesome people making change in their industry + also make the majority of my income from, AND work on a very creative soulful project, like the magazine. 

Two parts of my business that I love equally for very different reasons. 

I also think this realisation might have had a bit of an ego thing, where in the back of my mind I was wondering what people would think if I said I was 'going back to more client work'... It was something I openly said I wasn't doing anymore a few years ago, so who the fuck am I to change my mind, right? Would that mean I failed at making a living from my products or TUE? What does that say about me? I'm pretty sure all of these things were subconsciously running through the back of my mind, until I noticed, and did what I needed to do to let that shit go and stop caring so much.

And now... I feel so fucking clear about these two 'sides' to my business and what I see for each of 'em. So... Reminder — you don't have to go full balls in if it doesn't feel right, and your business should look however FEELS the best to you.

What do you think?! You got any experiences like this? 

Side note :: I hope this makes sense, haha. My brain isn't functioning properly today (I'm pretty sure I ate way too much shitty food yesterday afternoon and it left me feeling average AF since I got up this morning) so apologies if it sounds like a jumbled mess.

What's up for next week?

I have a few deadlines I want to hit for the next issue and I'll be sharing a bit more of my emails I send out to contributors, my 'pitch' PDF that I send out, and some other cool shit that you might find interesting. 😜

Also... The votes from the magazine size poll!

In my last email and on my Insta stories I posted a poll to get your thoughts on what SIZE the next magazine should be, and all up the votes came in around 75% for the smaller size, and 25% for the larger size. I have no idea why but for some reason I was expecting people to like the smaller size better, so it was interesting to see that I was on the right vibe, haha. I still have a couple things to weigh up but I'll keep you posted on which one I end up going with!

Catch ya on Monday! I'll most likely not send these emails out on the weekends, but when I do anything interesting over the weekend I'll be sure to include it in ma Monday update. 👌