What It Takes — Days 20-26 :: Mr postman where you at?


I feel like at this point in the magazine creation process I don't have a TON to share with you because I'm still doing what I've been doing for the last week — throwing myself into the actual design of this issue (along with a decent handful of client work that's also on a tight timeline). 🤘Today I came to hang at a co-work space for the day instead of bumming tables at my local Starbucks or working from my couch at home... Cuz lets be honest, neither of those are ideal when you have a lot to get done.

I've probably mentioned it before, but this design-zone is what I do, so once I'm in it, I'M IN IT. Also with this issue I'm spending a lot more time on the design than I have with probably any other issue I've created, but I'm pretty pumped on how its looking so far. As usual there's a fuck-ton of handwriting — which always ends up taking more time than I expect it to, ha.

Couple other updates for ya while I'm here!

👉I'm still waiting for my proof... You'll be the first to know once I get it!

👉I was thinking about doing a pre-sale but at this point I just don't have the bandwidth in my mind for it. Yeah, I could make some bank and it could be awesome for people to get first dibs on the issue, but right now I feel like doing anything other than the design + curation of the mag itself is going to take away from this issue. I feel like too often its easy to get fucking pre-occupied with all of the shit we think we're meant to be doing, instead of doing what actually MATTERS. In all of my experience with clients + product creation before, the thing that matters most is delivering the most DOPE end product you can and letting the work speak for itself. Right now thats all I give a fuck about. I'm also not someone who wants to just be all talk when it comes to doing the work, ya know? Talking about and DOING are two totally different things.

I don't wanna keep repeating myself every day here, so it might be another few days until you hear from me again, when I actually have more to share... Until then... Back to In Design + Photoshop + my Wacom I go... 🤗