What It Takes — Day 13 + 14 :: Just out here winging it SO HARD

What It Takes | Behind the scenes of an indie print magazine | http://theunmistakableeffect.co/

I didn't manage to send an email out yesterday, cuz honestly I didn't get any time to do magazine stuff. Ha. Honestly I'm just out here doing my best and trying not to totally fuck this up, haha. The timeline I set for the next issue is stressing me out and I realised its almost the middle of April (huh), and between magazine work and doing client work (the stuff I also love doing that actually makes me money so I can KEEP doing the magazine as a real soul project), and just having a life, it's safe to say things feel... Full.

Yeah, I've done this before (creating + launching magazine issues), but not every time is the same.

I usually find that when time feels like its going by too fast, it has something to do with me not being present and just living each moment as it comes, but right now I genuinely feel like I am doing that, which is why it feels strange. All I know is that as long as I keep doing what I can, with what I have, and take time for myself, it'll be all good. Things like going to the gym and escaping for the weekend or even an afternoon and hanging out with friends keep me sane, for sure. 🙏

So here's where things are at with the magazine!

Mapping out the pages and starting design

I had these two things on my list for last week but they didn't happen at all, but I'm literally jamming on 'em all day today and it's feeling good. I mapped out all of the contributors that have been locked in, and it left me with about 4 blank spreads (out of 100 pages), so at this stage it might end up being a little bigger than 100 pages. I just used 100 as a guide since that's around what I had last time, but also because this issue is smaller in physical size, I'll likely need more pages to spread the content out — cause I def don't want it to feel jam packed. White space is everyones BFF.

Even though I'm feeling a bit stretched with the timeline, when it comes to the design, this is what I do — so once I'm in that zone of design + all things visual, I know how to do the work (and honestly this is half the reason I wanted to create the mag, just to have an excuse to go balls-to-the-wall on layout design, haha). At this point after doing it for 10 years or so, I know how to pull together spreads and layouts that work, and if I want things to be REALLY fucking boss, I just gotta take more time and continually revise it and make it better (even though everything thats ever been done could have been better).

Last week I did a quick + chill Livestream with my friend Dave from Death to Stock where we just talked shit about business and life and magazine stuff, and I had a play around with some designs on screen, which I'll probably use as a starting point for one of the pieces in the next issue. Here's a peek —

What It Takes | Behind the scenes of an indie print magazine | http://theunmistakableeffect.co/

Something else I've noticed...

Since I started this 30 days of sharing, and since I've been a lot more devoted to my work lately (something I haven't done since last year, to be totally honest), I just don't have any time or mental energy for certain things, especially social media. Although I don't post a lot on my actual Instagram these days, I did get amongst Insta stories quite a bit — but lately since I've been so 'all-in' on my work, I literally just cannot be fucked. I'll go on a couple times a day and see what my friends are up to, but other than that... Meh.

It's interesting, I defo see a shift with quite a few people having these similar feels — and it's also interesting when it's people like 'us' who are very much in the online business space and we're taught that we gotta be on the socials for our businesses... I'm not saying we should ditch them altogether but it's interesting to see how you can still run a business without being active AF on them, from the outside.

Then again everything ebbs and flows and maybe there's just sometimes where you step back for a while, eh? 
Whatcha think? How you feeling about social medias these days?