I'm trying something new! Wanna see? — Follow behind the scenes of The Unmistakable Effect


Over the last few weeks (and months) I’ve felt a little… ‘stuck’ with my magazine, The Unmistakable Effect. I’ve had a couple big mindset shifts in the last few weeks around how I approach it that have been SUPER helpful, but I also feel like I wanna change things up and do something new in terms of HOW I approach the creation + launch of the new issue.

So here’s what I’m doing!

What It Takes :: Peep behind the scenes of an indie print magazine — The Unmistakable Effect — for 30 days as the new issue is created + launched

The short, no bullshit explanation :: Starting March 21st (this Wednesday!), I’ll be daily blogging my experiences + process of working on The Unmistakable Effect for 30 days, leading into the launch of the new issue on April 21st. I’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the HOW of what it takes to pull this shit together.

The longer deal :: As I mentioned, I wanted to do something to switch up my approach to TUE and just try something new. Part of this is just me wanting some public accountability for this shit, and I also just dig sharing the process and it’s something I get asked about a lot, so I figured why not share the whole damn thing. I’ll be posting about anything from how I pitch features + guests, how I design the magazine, what goes into a launch, and more… And everything else that goes into this launch and the creation of the new print issue — including the days that maybe don't go to plan.

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I’ll also be posting right here on the Unmistakable Effect blog daily too, so if you don’t want emails everyday you can peep the blog instead.

And that’s it for now! I’m stoked to try this out and see where it goes. If there’s anything specific you’d love to see throughout the next 30 days hit me back and I’ll do my best to include it.

ps. This does mean that the issue will be launching later than I had planned (it was originally down for March). 😜