New Shit :: A refreshed direction for The Unmistakable Effect

New Shit :: A refreshed direction for The Unmistakable Effect |

Yo friends! 

For the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about the future of The Unmistakable Effect, as I knew some kind of change was coming for it but I didn't really know what it was going to look like... Until now. 

Overall noting is really changing in terms of the actual mish and values of the mag, more so just the HOW of getting it out into the world. TUE feels like something so much bigger than just me (well, it already is) but I feel as though it's the work I'm meant to be doing — so it's on me to trust the vibes of the magazine and just keep rolling with whatever feels right.

so here's what's changing ::

// The current October issue will be the last paid digital issue... This means more free content like blog posts + emails + mini issues (and more), and there'll be a QUARTERLY PRINT ISSUE with the first one dropping in January 2018! 

I've been feeling a change in the 'how it's offered' of the magazine for a while, and over the last couple weeks it just became clear as fucking day to me. All in all this means a lot more time being focused into print issues that I want to blow your mind, alongside some really fucking cool digital content. 

After I did the special edition print issue in August, I just KNEW more regular print issues had to be on the cards for the future of the magazine. I can't even fully explain why, it just felt like this magazine was made to be in print... Ya know? 

The digital shop will still be open and you'll be able to grab back issues whenever you like, there just won't be any future paid, monthly digital issues. 

// I'm 'merging' my two email lists for fresh by sian and The Unmistakable Effect. 

My fresh by sian list is somewhere I share very regularly (i.e. every week), and have been doing so for at least 12 months now I think. And The Unmistakable Effect list has a 5-6 email sequence set up when you sign up, and then I send out broadcast emails with announcements etc when I can.

SO combining the two lists just makes the most sense to me. The content between the two is already very similar, and putting my focus into one 'list' just feels like the right move. So for now I'm pretty keen to still roll with the weekly emails, they'll just be under The Unmistakable Effect brand. 

This also means a lot more free TUE content which is something I'm planning out more right now, and I think it's gonna be a good time. (Think behind the scenes, guest posts/articles, and a lot more).

If you're not already signed up you can join the fam here (and also get a free mini-issue of The Unmistakable Effect) ::


// All of this also means I'm going to be working on advertising and sponsorship a lot more. 

Which is something I don't know a lot about to be honest, so I have a lot of learning to do here. Ha.

But on the up side, I do have a very clear vision for TUE and I know how to design and put together cool + interesting 'pitch docs', so that's gotta come in handy when it comes to reaching out to Brands for possible partnerships and collabs, right?! 

Ads and sponsorships have been something I've had on my to-do list for the magazine from the beginning basically, but I just kept putting it off because I 'didn't know how'. But now with this refreshed direction for the magazine I feel that there's some cool opportunities to team up with Brands and people that have a similar vision and values to The Unmistakable Effect. 

If you have a Brand/company yourself or you know of someone who could be a rad fit, come submit your interest over here.

// A little Branding + Website update

You might have noticed I've updated the website a little! Although I really dug the purple/blue colour I was using, to be honest I get sick of block colours way too easily so I've ditched it (in most places — it's still floating around for links + highlights) in favour of monochrome Branding, and slick AF images + type + designs throughout the website. This style also just reflects the magazine issues themselves a lot better too — and I'm stoked.

Me being stoked on the design + visuals of what I'm doing is a big player, so its pretty important for everything TUE-related to feel as boss as possible for me to really show up and make it as good as it can be. 

I'll also be updating the website a bit over the next few weeks to align with the new shit around here! 

// And that's most of the changes for now! 

I'm still going to be taking contributions in all forms (such as writing, and photography), so if you have a story you want to share or an article you think needs to get out into the world and The Unmistakable Effect feels like a rad platform to do that, come submit something over here!

New Shit :: A refreshed direction for The Unmistakable Effect |

I'm pretty stoked about these changes, and I also know that the last FOURTEEN issues of The Unmistakable Effect have led me here. When I look at the Contributors page and see everyone who's contributed an article or been interviewed (there's FIFTY ONE of them!!) in an issue it gives me the feels that these are all people who get what TUE is all about and they jumped on board without question. 

And to everyone who's brought an issue or subscribed, that shit means just as much to me... To know there's people out there who get it and are in for the ride. This is still just the beginning fam. 

Stay coolio,