I can't be fucked

I can't be fucked | https://theunmistakableeffect.co/

I'm writing this post from my couch, after a mad feed of chicken soup on a very chill Saturday night after a couple days adventuring with some friends. I've barely done any exploring since I got to Vancouver 3 months ago, so it was SO GOOD to rent a car for a couple days and piss off to the mountains. Also because I've been so 'in my head' lately and I just needed to snap out of it and open my eyes and be in awe of something. I posted a couple pics over here if you wanna see. 😉

Being away for a couple days gave me some (needed) space, and I realised something this morning when I was on my way back to Vancouver to drop off our rental car.

Ya know those feels when the years go by and you slowly learn to ditch anything that just doesn't feel right anymore?

In the last month I deleted my Twitter and Snapchat accounts. I stopped putting effort into friendships where it was a one-way deal. I ditched the old rules I made for myself in my business. I don't have any particular reason for doing these things, other than I just can't be fucked anymore. And holy shit does it feel good... And just so damn freeing.

Not errything has to have a reason or explanation or justification. Sometimes 'I can't be fucked' (aka 'it just doesn't light me up or get me stoked') is reason enough to stop doing something.

So... What can't you be fucked with anymore?

ps. These feels inspired by this post from @violetgraydesign.