Brands I dig that make me wanna up my game

Brands I dig that make me wanna up my game |

So lately I’ve had some major Brand + Biz crushes that I thought I’d dish on, because I wanna share the love for people I think are killin' it. For the most part I try to be very conscious of what Brands I follow and actually pay attention too because when I get too into it I can go into comparison mode and we all know that shit is not a good time lol.

But when you're a little more selective about this stuff the opposite can happen — and you can use these people to keep yourself in the game and to inspire the shit out of ya to KEEP GOING and get after what you want, when you feel yourself slacking a little. So these Brands I'm dishing on today are all ones that genuinely make me want to be better at what I do, and I got mad respect for them.

The other interesting thing about doing this and breaking down WHAT you actually love about a certain brand or person can reveal interesting shit about what you value in your own business. For example, just looking over what I’ve listed out below, a lot of the stuff I dig in these brands are things that I personally hold in high regard — like transparency, not following trends, and curating like a mofo.

So if you feel like you’re not 100% sure what you want to see in your own business, I’d start by seeing what Brands you love and WHY you love ‘em… It might shine some light on it for ya. 😜

Okay lets get into it!

Images via Monster Children and Offscreen

Images via Monster Children and Offscreen

Monster Children + Offscreen Magazines

Especially now that I’m running my own magazine, I try to steer clear of other magazines as much as I can just because I know that it helps keep my own work pretty fresh. BUT there’s two I love for very different reasons that I just had to include in this round up.

One is Monster Children — which I honestly just fucking love for the design and creative direction. It’s messy and clean and badass all at the same time. I really dig how they push the rules of what’s considered to be ‘normal’ for magazine design… And they’re the only physical magazine I actually love to keep (I think I have at least 10 issues sitting around). I remember seeing maybe the Creative Director speak at a talk a few years ago in Sydney Australia and I’ve been in love with their vibe ever since. 🙏

The other one is Offscreen, which I love for how damn transparent the creator, Kai Branch is with everything. He’s super open about the whole process of creating and running a magazine, which I’ve only recently found out is quite rare. Sure, there’s shit loads of magazines around the world and a lot of awesome indie ones these days, but very few are open about what it actually takes to pull one together and to make a full-time income off it, like Kai does with Offscreen.

Images via Sarah's Day Instagram

Images via Sarah's Day Instagram

Sarah's Day

I’ve only recently come across Sarah sometime this year, but damn, girl is killing the Instagram and YouTube game. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s big on the lifestyle + health content, and she knows what she’s doing.

I fucking dig her vibes for a couple main reasons ::

👉 Her whole Instagram is 100% original, curated content. Fam, holy shit if you want an example of an Instagram feed that’s curated, original, and just all-around BOSS, check out Sarah’s. Although her boyfriend is a photographer I’ve seen her post once or twice that she actually shoots a lot of her photos and content herself and she’s super into getting better at her photography, and it shows. I think the fact pretty much ALL of her photos (and the captions she writes on her posts) are her own is a big player in her overall vibe and reach too (i.e. She doesn’t really re-post other people’s photos, or words). Get it girl.

👉 She’s pretty unapologetic. From the outside at least, it seems as though she’s very much in tune with her own vibe and what she wants out of her own life, and she doesn’t apologise for any of it. This is something I really admire in people, especially YouTubers and people that have a pretty big audience, because I can just imagine how much advice and shade and commentary they receive on their lives, on a daily basis. 

Images via Go Live

Images via Go Live

Go Live

The ladies at Go Liv are a boss-ass team of Creatives with the mission to help small biz owners launch websites and start the biz of their dreams. They do custom Branding + Website work alongside a rad Shop of pre-made customisable templates. The thing I dig so much about these ladies is that they know exactly who their target audience and clients + customers are, and ALL of their content is directed straight towards them. 

They're also so fucking good at sharing projects they're working on, and when their clients or customers launch new websites. If you're a designer or any kind of creative you know how hard it can be to keep up with this stuff and actually keep promoting your services and the work you're doing, so this is something I really dig about the Go Live team! 

One other thing I wanna mention is how rad their Blog is. As I said, their content is all directed straight at their dream client or customer, and their Blog is super diverse and is a perfect example of that. It's a mix of profiling client work, Branding + Website tips, and all-around biz strategy tips. Blogs can easily get kinda boring I think, so having a mix of diverse content like this all while keeping your dream audience in mind is the way to go I reckon. 🙋

I'd love to know what Brands you're diggin' these days! Got any faves? Comment below and lemme know, I'm always on the look out for people that are killing it to feature in The Unmistakable Effect. 😜

Stay cool,