And sometimes... You're just READY

Photos via  NewOldStock

Photos via NewOldStock

I originally had a different post planned for today but over the weekend I was thinking bout all kinds of shit and I wanted to switch up today’s email + send a lil note from MOI. 

So I feel like I’ve been going on about it for MONTHS, but this Saturday I’m outta NZ and on a one-way plane ticket to Vancouver, Canada (well, it’s been 3 years since I started this whole process, so it feels feels like I’ve been going on about it for ages because I have, haha). 

When I booked my plane ticket around 6 weeks ago, it still didn’t really sink in… But over the last couple weeks it has, and what’s also hit me is something I wasn’t necessarily expecting… I’m so damn READY. 

So many times when you travel overseas or you move somewhere new or you make a big change in your career or business, you don’t necessarily feel ready for it… Right? You just suck it up and do it anyway, and figure shit out as you go. I’ve been there so many damn times… But this time feels different. Maybe because I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the last 3 years. Maybe cause I’m just keen as hell for something new… 

Whatever it is, my whole point with this email is that sometimes you’re just fucking READY for change. 

And you’ll know it in your gut. 

You’ve done the work, you’ve done everything you could to get to this place… And now its your fucking time. 

Ya feel me? 

It doesn’t mean its not gonna be scary or hard or weird, it just means you’re stepping shit up and making a change in your life because YOU wanna. 

What are you READY for fam? 

Changing your money story? 
Moving somewhere new (like me!)? 
Taking a step out on your own and starting your own biz? 

Comment below and tell me what you’re up to… I wanna know. 😜